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Coinless Laundry is available in both buildings.  In Sansom East, the laundry room is located in the Sub-Basement (SB in the elevator) and is only accessible by the southern-most elevator or the stairs. In Sansom West, the laundry room is located in the basement and is accessible in all elevators.

Please be mindful of other residents when using the laundry facilities. It is important to remove your belongings as soon as the cycle is completed; it is not uncommon for residents to remove others’ clothing if no other machines are available.

You can monitor your laundry status at at Laundry Alert. the login is penn6389.  Once you click on the appropriate building, the site displays how many minutes remain on each cycle.

Computer and Networking

Residents of Sansom East and Sansom West have access to AirPennNet and PennNet. If you are having network difficulty can utilize First Call, which is located at 202 Sansom West. First Call provides telephone and email support Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00am- 5:00pm, and walk-in hours Monday-Friday 2:30-4:30pm.

First Call
202 Sansom Place West
(215) 573-4778
help (at)

Repairs and Pests

Repairs in Sansom Place are managed by Penn Facilities & Real Estate Services (FRES).

If you have a NON-EMERGENCY repair, you can file a work order request online. Click on 'Initiate Service Request.'

You may also call (215) 898-7208.

If you need to report an EMERGENCY repair (major flooding, etc.) please report the issue to the information center.

Be sure to take note of your work order number. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner (within 7 days for a non-emergency) contact the information center.


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