Room Count Information

As you prepare for Selection, we want you to be aware of what is available at the start of In-House and provide a few tips to help you make your plan. These numbers are based on availability prior to Residential Programs and Four-Year House process. Since unused Residential Program beds roll over into In-House, we anticipate these numbers will increase. Four Year House beds (Gregory, Du Bois, Stouffer and New), if available, roll over into the Inter-House process.

Below you will find rooms that will be available prior to the start of the In-House process.  Once the In-House application opens and through the end of the Inter-House process, updated room availability can be determined by checking My Room Selection Preview.


Harnwell College House

Rooms and Beds that will be available to select when In-House Room Selection begins

Single-1BR/LR/KIT – 17 rooms, 17 beds

Double-1BR/LR/KIT – 22 rooms, 44 beds

Double-2BR – 13 rooms, 26 beds

Double-2BR/LR – 12 rooms, 24 beds

Triple-3BR/LR/KIT – 17 rooms, 51 beds

Quad-3BR/LR/KIT – 54 rooms, 216 beds

Quad-4BR/LR/KIT – 19 rooms, 76 beds


Harrison College House

Rooms and Beds that will be available to select when In-House Room Selection begins

Single-1BR/LR/KIT – 37 rooms, 37 beds

Single-1BR/bath – 15 rooms, 15 beds

Double-1BR/LR/KIT – 32 rooms, 64 beds

Double-2BR – 19 rooms, 38 beds

Double-2BR/LR/KIT – 34 rooms, 68 beds

Triple-3BR/LR/KIT – 23 rooms, 69 beds

Quad-3BR/LR/KIT – 73 rooms, 292 beds

Quad-4BR/LR/KIT – 9 rooms, 36 beds

Rodin College House

Rooms and Beds that will be available to select when In-House Room Selection begins

Single-1BR/LR/KIT – 22 rooms, 22 beds

Single-1BR/bath – 1 rooms, 1 bed

Double-1BR/LR/KIT – 27 rooms, 54 beds

Double-2BR – 20 rooms, 40 beds

Double-2BR/LR/KIT – 17 rooms, 34 beds

Triple-3BR/LR/KIT – 30 rooms, 90 beds

Quad-3BR/LR/KIT – 74 rooms, 296 beds

Quad-4BR/LR/KIT – 30 rooms, 120 beds



In-House Tips

  • Single-1BR/LR/KIT, Double-2BR/LR/KIT, and Single-1BR/bath in the High Rises tend to be the first to fill up and we do not anticipate them lasting too long.
  • Triple-3BR/LR/KIT and Quad-4BR/LR/KIT in the High Rises are the next most popular room types. A few likely will make it to the Inter-House process, but it could vary from one building to another.
  • If you are flexible with room type, you should have no problem selecting a room in any building.

Inter-House Tips

  • If you are flexible with room type, getting into the High Rises should be easy. We anticipate a sizable number of rooms to choose from during the Inter-House process. However, we expect a smaller number of these rooms to be all private bedroom set-ups. Triple-3BR/LR/KIT and Quad-4BR/LR/KIT room types likely will be available. Double-2BR, and Double-2BR/LR might have limited availability at the start of the process, but will not last long. Double-1BR/LR/KIT and Quad-3BR/LR/KIT will be the most available room types.
  • If you want to get into a high rise, a group of four or a group of two gives you the best chance. As noted above, there usually are plenty of Double-1BR/LR/KIT and Quad-3BR/LR/KIT room types available. A group of three, as long as triples are available, likely will have a fair chance, but it’s not guaranteed that triples last to the end. A group of one is at the biggest disadvantage and will most likely have to consider other college houses.
  • Rooms from Gregory, Du Bois, and Stouffer will be available during this process if they do not fill their upperclass beds during the Residential Program process. Room availability from these three houses is dependent on what is assigned during their Residential Program and Four-Year House process, since the entire house for these buildings are treated like a Residential Program.
  • We do not anticipate any rooms being available in the Lauder College House during the Inter-House process. We expect the high demand will mean these all get taken during the Residential Program and Four-Year House process.
  • Du Bois, which also has apartment style rooms, but smaller kitchens that feature cook tops in place of full stoves, is the next most likely House to fill up. Since it has a limited number of rooms available at the start of the process and a fair number of private bedrooms, they can go rather quickly.

Tips that apply to both processes

  • There will be plenty of rooms available in the High Rises. In addition to the rooms listed above, any rooms on Residential Program floors that do not have a student assigned to them will also be available during the In-House and Inter-House process.
  • Use My Room Selection Preview to monitor room availability. When room selection is not live, room availability is updated nightly. Once it is live for a process that you are selecting in, you will be able to see room availability in real time.
  • A group of four is your best bet for having options, since a group can break down. So, if there are four single apartments available, you can pick all four, or you can take two double apartments, or a triple apartment and a single apartment, or a quad apartment.
  • If you have a friend who is studying abroad in the Fall and wants to live with you in the Spring, it can work out. There are two paths. One is you find a friend who is graduating in December, select a room with that friend, and let us know of your plan by e-mailing Another is you can select a room together with your friend who is studying abroad, have the student who is studying abroad cancel by the end of classes with no cancelation fee, e-mail us your plan, and we will try to place a Fall exchange student in that room. We cannot guarantee this option because we first have to see the volume of requests versus how many Exchange students we can place. This option will be on a first come, first serve basis. However, historically we have been able to accommodate almost all students making this request on time.
  • Need to find a roommate, two, or three? Consider using our Facebook Find-A-Roommate group to find a match.
  • If you pick a room, do not want to give up having an assignment, but would prefer a different location and/or room type, complete a Room Selection Room Change Form. Please note this form works much better for individuals than entire groups. Cancelations tend to come in one at a time, and it’s not likely a multiple occupancy room would be vacated at the same time.
  • If you find yourself in an unusual situation where the process is creating a disadvantage, call the Assignments Office. We might be able to help.