LPS Students

Application Process and Deadlines

Full-time LPS students enrolled in degree-granting programs may apply for housing at MyHomeAtPenn.upenn.edu beginning February 27, 2017 using their Pennkey and password. Students receive their Pennkeys once they have been entered into the student registration system by their schools.

Because returning Penn students have priority, LPS students are advised to list several room type preferences in order to increase the opportunities for assignment.

When applying, students must agree to the Terms and Conditions for University Housing, a legally binding contract, for the full occupancy period and are responsible for rent for the full term. Please read the cancellation policies before submitting the housing application.

Assignment Process

Upon receiving a housing assignment, all students must log-in to MyHomeAtPenn to confirm or cancel their assignment. Confirming means a student acknowledges receipt of the assignment and intends to live on campus. Cancelling means that the student is no longer attending the University or no longer planning to live on campus. Students who cancel their assignments will be charged cancellation fees according to the Terms and Conditions.

    Housing Accommodations

    Both graduate LPS and undergraduate LPS students are housed in Sansom Place.

    The undergraduate occupancy period is for the academic year (August 26, 2017 - May 9, 2018), and rent is charged on a semester basis. 
    Room types and rent rates for undergraduate LPS students are listed below. Click on the floor plan to view a sample room layout.

    • Single-1BR/LR/KIT (a one-bedroom apartment for one resident with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom): $13,750/yr 
    • Double-2BR/KIT (a two-bedroom apartment for two residents with a kitchen and bathroom): $9,818/yr per resident
    • Single-1BR/shared bath (a single room that shares a bathroom with one other resident in an adjoining room): $9,818/yr per resident
    • Important notice regarding floor plans:
      • The purpose of these diagrams is to convey general information only. Dimensions are taken from a representative room. Individual rooms may vary in size and amenities. Changes may occur over time that are not reflected in the diagrams.
      • All students within apartments or suites that contain multiple bedrooms must be assigned to a specific bedroom (A, B, C, and so on) within the apartment or suite.
      • For maximum quality and efficiency when printing these pictures, it is recommended that you save the individual room images to your hard drive and print from there.

    Older undergraduate students may be placed in graduate housing.

    Room types and rent rates for graduate LPS students are available on the 2017-2018 graduate rent schedule posted here. Rent is charged monthly and includes furnishings and utilities. Sample floor plans for graduate room types are available hereThe graduate student occupancy period for 2016-2017 is August 27, 2016 - June 30, 2017. The graduate student occupancy period for 2017-2018 will be August 26, 2017 - June 30, 2018.

    Please click here for more information about Sansom Place.