Continuous Residency

Graduate student residents in Sansom Place East who apply during the Returning Graduate Housing Application period in March and retain their rooms for the next academic year have the option to remain in continuous residence in their rooms over the summer. You will be charged July and August rent. New academic year rent rates start on July 1.

The continuous summer residency option is also available for graduate student residents in Sansom Place East who will move to a different room in Sansom for the next academic year. Please note that the actual move to the new room must take place on the dates we specify and you will have only a few days to complete the move. There is little room for flexibility since the change must be coordinated with maintenance schedules and the new resident's move-in schedule for your previous room. By applying for continuous summer residency with a room change, you are agreeing to follow our timetable. You will be notified by email when it is time to move. You will be charged July and August rent. If you are moving to a room type at a different rent rate, your rent for each room will be prorated to reflect the number of nights in each room.

If you do not select continuous summer residency, you must move out on June 30, 2018 and remove all of your belongings, unless you are approved to participate in Sansom Storage. You may move into your 2018-2019 academic year room on August 25, 2018.