Having trouble with your PennCard?

Remember, if your PennCard is lost or stolen, report it to the PennCard Center immediately. For all other issues, please review the information provided below.

If your PennCard has lost all functionality please contact the PennCard Center.

If your PennCard works for some functions and not others, please select from the list below the item which best describes the problem you are experiencing. This will help us direct you to the appropriate contact to get assistance. (An example of this type of problem would be that you can enter buildings but can't access your dining account.)



My PennCard does not work for PennCash transactions Please verify that your PennCash account has sufficient funds by visiting our PennCash site. If you have verified your account balance and still have a problem, contact the PennCard Center.
My PennCard does not work for dining plan transactions Please verify your meal plan balance by visiting Campus Express.