Important update on PennCash Terms & Conditions

PennCard, the department at Penn that manages PennCash, wants all PennCash holders to be aware of recent changes in its Terms & Conditions. Effective October 1, your PennCash Account (the “Account”) will be governed by newly updated Terms and Conditions, which will replace any prior version of the Terms and Conditions that you may have received.  In summary, the changes we are making include the following:

  • Fees.  We are eliminating the $25 annual maintenance fee on inactive accounts and reserving the right to charge a fee on certain types of refunds.
  • Notice of Future Amendments.  We are modifying how and when we must notify you of future changes to the Terms and Conditions.  Under the new Terms and Conditions, we may notify you of adverse changes in advance via email (unless we are required by law to notify you some other way).
  • Refunds.  We are clarifying that refunds may be obtained at any time by contacting the PennCard Center, and we are reserving the right to apply unused funds in the Account to any amounts you may owe the University.
  • Our new location. We have a new address.  As of August 12, 2013 the PennCard Center is located on the second floor of the Penn Bookstore, room 219.

Please click here to read the new Terms and Conditions.

If you do not want them to apply to your Account, you must close your Account and request a refund of the unused balance on or before October 1, 2013 by contacting us at 215-417-CARD.  If you do not close your Account and request a refund, your Account will be governed by the new Terms and Conditions.

If you would simply like a refund of the funds in your Account, you have a number of convenient options.  You can (1) come into the PennCard Center in Room 219 of the Penn Book Store during normal business hours and obtain a cash refund; (2) request a refund via website (for instructions click here); or (3) apply the unused funds to a bill from the University or donate the unused funds to the University by calling us at 215-417-CARD.

Please call us at 215-417-CARD if you have any questions about this notice or the new Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for using PennCash!

Please Note: These changes impact individuals who were PennCash account holders before June 1, 2013. Anyone who opened an account as of June 1, 2013 has agreed to the new Terms and Conditions.