Contactless PennCard
The University is enhancing and improving security and making building access easy with a campus-wide initiative to upgrade the magnetic stripe PennCard to a contactless PennCard.

The new technology will move the University from the magnetic stripe, which is currently used on the PennCard to an imbedded contactless chip. This technology offers a number of benefits for members of the Penn Community including convenient building entry by way of a contactless reader, a higher level of security for data stored on the card, as well as positioning the Penncard for use in several key future business transactions, as well as eventual use on SEPTA.

The card reader replacements will take place in calendar year 2015. Watch for opportunities to get a new PennCard throughout summer and fall semester. More information on this transition will be coming soon. For more information on the new PennCard, contact the PennCard office. For information on the new building access card readers contact your Building Administrator.

Image of Sample PennCArd

This initiative is a collaborative effort between the Divisions of Business Services, Information Systems and Computing and Public Safety.

Click here to view a short video showing the proper use of your new PennCard.