ADP Online Program Details

ADP Enrollment deadlines

You must enroll online approximately three weeks before your participation is effective. For example, the next month to start your commuter program is December; you must enroll online no later than November 10.

Supported web browsers to access ADP are

  • PC: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome
  • Mac: If you are a Mac user, you must accept all cookies in order to enroll


  • ADP customer service line for all questions or problems: 800-422-5403
  • Quick Reference Guide for Online Commuters, click here.
  • Online Commuter FAQs, click here.

ADP Mailing

The passes are mailed to you in the third week of the month when you receive email that your order has been fulfilled . The envelope is a plain white envelope and does not reference the transit pass as being enclosed so be on the lookout and not mistake it for junk mail. Click here for sample.

Mail/pass not received by the last day of the month:

  1. Last day of the Month: Call ADP at 800-422-5403 to report that you have not received your pass
  2. 10th day of the Month: Last day for SEPTA passholders to purchase a pass for reimbursement by ADP
  3. 10th day of the Month: Last day to submit refund application to ADP, with a copy of your purchase receipt
  4. Note: PATCO Freedom Card holders must contact ADP by the 1st of the month if funds have not been loaded to their account at 800-422-5403.