Safety and Security

The University of Pennsylvania Parking Department works in conjunction with the Division of Public Safety to initiate a comprehensive security plan for all parking facilities. This plan includes daily patrols of facilities, operational equipment to ensure authorized access to facilities, video coverage of portions of lots and general security practices including signage and inspections.

Permit holders retain complete control of their vehicles at all times and are responsible for any damage to their vehicles or personal property while their vehicles are present on University property. The University of Pennsylvania is not responsible for such loss or damage. To avoid loss or damage and the inconvenience they cause, vehicles should be parked carefully so as not to be struck by others. Vehicles should be locked and items of value such as clothing, GPS or MP3 hardware, bookbags, cellular phones, etc., should not be left in sight.

For all safety emergencies, to report a theft or accident please contact the Penn Police at 215-573-3333.

For access equipment problems or after hours parking assistance please contact the Parking Operations office at 215-898-6933.