Tenants can protect themselves again certain risks of financial loss by purchasing renter’s insurance. Some leases inform you that property owners/managers are not liable for damages to your personal property and allow you to decide whether you want to purchase such insurance; other leases require tenants to have it. Renter’s insurance provides protection against damage to or destruction of tenant's personal property due to fire, smoke, vandalism and other causes. It also provides coverage against theft of personal property.

College Renters Insurance Plan

Penn has identified The College Renters Insurance Plan as an option for our students. This plan covers your personal belongings (including things such as laptops, smartphones, bicycles and textbooks) against theft and damage.

Renters insurance helps protect you from the cost of replacing your personal belongings in the event of a covered incident. Having your own student plan may fill the gaps from the limitations of your parent’s homeowners insurance (e.g. high deductibles and the requirements related to full-time student status).

Please be aware that this information is being provided only as a convenience. Penn does not receive compensation, benefits or other consideration as a result of providing this information nor does this information constitute an endorsement of any particular product.