Living Off Campus

Many of you have already experienced living off-campus by the time you arrive at The University of Pennsylvania. While you may think there is nothing more you can learn about off-campus living, these tips may enhance your

Your First Week   The Nieghbors Graphic

  • Know the layout of your apartment and where all the fire exits are. Understand the fire evacuation plan your landlord has in place. Test your smoke detectors.
  • Test that your doors and windows close and lock properly.
  • Inspect your apartment for damages. Sample.
  • Be Pet Courteous: not everyone will love your pet, but you still want your pet to be a good neighbor as well.
  • Know your landlord's rules regarding doormats and items hung on your door.
  • Be respectful of other people's space. The hallways, stairwells, and entryways are everyone's space. Don't store items outside your apartment door; especially trash.
  • Get to know the neighborhood. Know the trash and recycling schedule. If your trash collection is outside your building check Philadelphia's rules and regulations. Philadelphia Streets Department
  • Obtain renter's insurance. In the case of fire, water damage, or theft, your belongings are not covered by your landlord's insurance

Living in Your Apartment

  • Try to concentrate on having essentials first before anything. If you are living with roommates, make sure you all coordinate what items each is bringing.
  • Develop a cleaning schedule; whether you have roommates or not. There is nothing worse than having to try and clean all at once because someone is visiting you.
  • Laundry: pay attention to care guides on your clothes-they do matter, and check your pockets before you wash. Check laundry
  • Plan your meals. You can purchase a limited dining plan  Penn Dining Services, or you can shop and prepare your meals.
  • Our guides are short tips, for more ideas visit our  Pinterest page
  • Always be sure to lock doors and windows

Package Delivery

  • While many of your buildings will accept your packages when you are not home, some may not. In addition, you may not want your package sitting outside your home all day when you are not home.
  • The Amazon Center at 1920 Commons allows for your Amazon packages to be shipped and picked up directly at their location. More information
  • Campus Package Pick-Up: Certain residence halls on campus will accept package delivery for you. More information