Living Off Campus

Many of you have already experienced living off-campus by the time you arrive at The University of Pennsylvania. While you may think there is nothing more you can learn about off-campus living, these tips may enhance your

Your First Week  

  • Know the lay-out of your apartment and where all the fire exits are. Understand the fire evacuation plan your landlord has in place. Test your smoke detectors.
  • Test that your doors and windows close and lock properly.
  • Inspect your apartment for damages. Sample
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors.
  • Be Pet Courteous: not everyone will love your pet, but you still want your pet to be a good neighbor as well.
    Hints for Pet Courtesy
  • Know your landlords rules regarding door mats and items hung on your door.
  • Be respectful of other people's space. The hallways, stairwells and entry ways are everyone's space. Don't store items outside your apartment door; especially trash.
  • Get to know the neighborhood. Know the trash and recycling schedule. If your trash collection is outside your building check Philadelphia's rules and regulations. Philadelphia Streets Department
  • Obtain renter's insurance. In the case of fire, water damage, or theft, your belongings are not covered under your landlord's insurance

Living in Your Apartment

  • Try to concentrate on having essentials first before anything. If you are  living with roommates, make sure you all coordinate what items each are bringing.
  • Develop a cleaning schedule; whether you have roommates or not. There is nothing worse than having to try and clean all at once because someone is visiting you. Cleaning Care Guide
  • Laundry: pay attention to care guides on your clothes-they do matter, and check your pockets before you wash. Check laundry
  • Plan your meals. You can purchase a limited dining plan  Penn Dining Services, or you can shop and prepare your meals.
  • Our guides are short tips, for more ideas visit our Pinterest page