Living in the Community

Get Involved

Nothing feels better than being an actual member of a community. One of the most unique things about living in West Philadelphia, Center City or other neighborhoods in Philadelphia is the diverse population of the community. West Philadelphia is populated by a large number of students from several area institutions, but is also home to young professionals, families and senior citizens. Getting to know your neighbors can help you become engaged in the community and instill a sense of pride in the neighborhood, of which you are now an important part.

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Being a Good Neighbor

Respect your neighbors rights to privacy and quiet enjoyment of their home. Keep noise at a respectful level, follow the trash and recycling guidelines for your neighborhood, keep your property clean.

As a student at the University of Pennsylvania you are expected to abide by the University’s Code of Student Conduct. Your behavior off-campus has a direct impact on how the your new neighborhood views the student community at Penn.  The standard of conduct required of Penn students reflects high expectations for responsible behavior. Responsible tenant behavior includes respect for the health, safety, and property of others in your residence and your neighborhood.

As a Penn student, although you are living off-campus, you are still under the Student Code of Conduct

Potential violations of the Code of Student Conduct include, but are not limited to, the following behaviors:
  • Destruction or theft of property
  • Excessive noise
  • Furnishing alcohol to persons under 21 years of age
  • Disorderly behavior
  • Threatening behavior
Complaints of this nature, whether made by a landlord, another student or a member of the community are typically handled by the Office of Student Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for acting on behalf of the University in matters of student discipline. OSC deals with alleged instances of academic dishonesty and other student misconduct, in order to determine how best to resolve these allegations consistent with the goals and mission of the University as an educational and intellectual community.
Respecting your neighbors’ right to the quiet enjoyment of their homes includes keeping noise levels down. The City of Philadelphia Code, title 7, #10-400, regulates the amount of noise and vibration allowed in residential neighborhoods and establishes rules of individual conduct and activity.

"The City of Philadelphia finds that noise and excessive vibration degrade the environment of the City to a degree which:
  • is harmful and detrimental to the health, welfare and safety of its inhabitants;
  • interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life, property and recreation;
  • causes nuisances;
  • that no one has any right to create noise and excessive vibration, that effective control and elimination of noise and excessive vibration is essential to the furtherance of the health and welfare of the City's inhabitants and to the conduct of the normal pursuits of life, recreation, commerce and industrial activity."
The City Code defines noise as: "the presence of a sound or sounds of such intensity, duration, frequency or character which annoy, disturb or cause or tend to cause adverse psychological and physiological effects on persons, in excess of standards promulgated by the Board of Health." To avoid conflicts with your neighbors and to ensure positive community relations, make note that the quiet hours of the city are 9:00pm to 8:00am.