Registration is OPEN!


Two evaluation/draft skate dates will be held to help place individuals on teams that are in need of players. The skate is open to any player not currently rostered with one of our B or C teams. Captains from teams needing players will be at the skates to offer some players spots on their team in a draft format. All players will be classified as B or C players at the evaluation. A Substitutes List will be built from all players not selected by a captain. The Substitutes List will be distributed to all teams and those on the list may be called upon to fill in for teams when they are short players. This has proven to lead to a permanent spot with a team.

Tuesday, September 6th and Wednesday September 7th

10:45 PM - 12:15 AM

Cost is $10 per skater, per night.


The Ironman Tournament is a night of nonstop, pond-hockey style action for five-player teams. Teams will play three-on-three, with no goalies and up to two subs. All games are played over the course of one night per division within a 4-6 hour time period. Four games are guaranteed, with five to six games possible. Rosters are limited to five players. All games consist of one 12 minute running clock period.

There are three divisions based on skill level - B (Advanced), C (Intermediate), and D (Novice - Wharton Only). Team registration is first come, first serve, and each division will be capped at 10 teams.

Cost is $125 per team. Individuals may sign up at $25 per person.*

Tournament and registration dates for 2017 are TBD. Please check back for updates.

Tournament is tentatively schedule for the weekend of April 7th - 9th, 2017... Check back for updates!


2013 Ironman

* Payments may be made with cash, check, or credit card. Teams may register without payment, but spots will not be fully reserved until teams are paid in full.