What's New & Exciting

Penn Dining is constantly looking for ways to enhance our student’s dining experience.




Hill College House Renovation

The Hill House Dining Hall is undergoing a top to bottom renovation that will hold 9 stations and seating for 350+ people including:

  • Late night dining
  • A Mongolian grill
  • Spaces available for lounging and studying
  • Fresh baked desserts on-site


Pret A Manger

  • Handmade sandwiches, salads, and wraps prepared in-shop each day, using preservative-free, ethically sourced ingredients
  • Coffee, fresh-baked croissants, as well as other dessert items
  • Will accept Dining Dollar$


La Colombe Coffee

Penn Dining is proud to announce they will now include La Colombe coffee at Accenture Cafe, Mark's Cafe, Houston Hall and all AYCTE cafes.  La Colombe has founded their company on the premise that quality coffee should be sourced and roasted with care. Penn's retail locations will serve:

  • La Colombe Draft Lattes
  • Drip Coffee
  • Espresso


Gourmet Grocer--To-Go Meal Bar

In addition to offering a diverse range of organic, kosher and gluten-free brands, as well as items from local artisans, Gourmet Grocer has now expanded to include a new to-go meal bar with hot and cold meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This bar will feature a weekly changing menu in addition to:

  • A "wings" station with a variety of dipping sauces
  • Gourmet mac and cheese bar
  • Fresh fruits and grains
  • Philly chef recipes featuring local farm to fork vendors
  • A bakery section featuring breakfast pastries from a variety of local bakeries including: Oteri's Italian bakery, Cupcakes from 4 Every Occasion Cakes, Cookies by Darnel's Cakes & More, Vegan cookies and brownies from Spanky's Kitchen, and Biscotti from Lavinia's Cookies & Biscotti



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