“I love cooking and I wanted to be around people.

My mother taught me how to cook, that was the best training.

Other than that, I didn’t work anywhere before Penn.

I’ve been right here for 47 years.”

Chef Deb Day


Get ready for a sweet treat from the kitchen of Chef Deb. Join Chefs Deb Day and Mitch Prensky as they demonstrate how to prepare Chef Deb’s comfort food special: Donut Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Glaze.

Participants will be able to sample the dish during the event, and take home something for their kitchen.





At Penn Dining, we believe that food is more than just something that fuels your body. Food nourishes minds and souls. In order to enhance our guests’ food experience, we organize many events in our cafés ranging from onsite farmers’ markets to celebrity chef book signings. We’re not the only busy ones, though. Student clubs on our school campuses and affinity groups at corporations host activities about food and wellness issues as well.

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