Dining Plans

Penn Dining brings you flavorful, nutritious food and helps create community across campus. Dining plans are valuable to have because they give you easy access to conveniently located, great tasting meal options right on campus. Hang out with your friends and enjoy the array of tastes, fun events and the flexibility that truly makes a dining plan worth having.

  • Freshmen Students are required by the University to purchase one of three first-year dining plans.
  • First Year Transfer & Exchange Students are required to have a dining plan and can choose between seven dining plans. 
  • Upperclassmen can choose between seven dining plans to find one that best fits their individual lifestyles.
  • Graduate Students can choose from the Graduate Take Your Pick Plan or one of the seven Upperclass Plans.

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New This Year - Dining Dollar$ Discounts

New for Fall 2016 - enjoy a 5% discount at Houston Market, Gourmet Grocer, Mark's Cafe, New College House, McClelland Express, Accenture Cafe when using your Dining Dollar$.

Need to Know Info

Fall 2016 Dining Plans begin on Tuesday, August 30th - the first day of class.

New students (freshman, transfer, and exchange) arriving for NSO on August 25th are provided with most meals through an NSO Dining Plan which is part of the New Student Orientation experience.

All students on a Dining Plan have the option to change their plan during the first 3 weeks of school - August 30th - September 18th.  Dining Plans can only be changed one time per semester.

All freshmen dining plans provide a specific quantity of swipes to the all-you-care-to-eat cafés for the semester. These can be used at any time. All plans also include Dining Dollar$ for use at any of our Penn Dining locations.

Upperclass and Graduate students can choose between traditional plans that contain both Dining Dollar$ and swipes or choose Dining Dollar$-only plans. With a Dining Dollar$-only plan, you can still dine at the all-you-care-to-eat cafés at a discounted rate.

Students can sign up for a dining plan or add visits or Dining Dollar$ to their plans at any time throughout the academic year by using Campus Express.

Please note: Swipes and Dining Dollar$ are split by semester, so you will receive one-half of the allotted amount of swipes and Dining Dollar$ in the Fall, and the other half in the Spring. Any remaining swipes at the end of the Fall semester will not be added to the swipes you receive for the Spring. Dining Dollar$ will roll over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester but not from one academic year to another.

If you have more questions about dining plans, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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